Innovation activity of Lakker

Lakker performs the following activity based on an assignment or in a form of cooperation with Hungarian or foreign research institutes, higher educational institutions, (innovation) companies, researchers, manufacturing companies or enterpreneurs hereinafter Principal.

  1. Experimental development.
    Practical utilisation of result of a research or discovery. The possibility of utilisation of a research result in practice can be established during the experimental development.
  2. Development.
    Utilisation of a product or technology, created as a result of research and/or development, in practice, development of series or non-series production technology, preparation of production plans, testing the product or technology.
  3. Research or development consulting or expertise.
    Advising Consigner how to start, perform and control its research and/or development activity. Here came the creation of Principal’s conception of research and/or development, making it work if necessary, consulting and expertise.
  4. Search of theme/result of research and/or development.
  5. Innovation consulting or expertise.
    Advising and expertise in any research-development-innovation subject Principal requires.
  6. Industrial property.
    Activity in connection with inventions, patents, innovations, industrial sample and trade-mark, consulting and expert’s work, including domestic and foreign process of patenting, industrial sample and trade-mark protection, legal cases, technical participation in solving of disputes.
  7. Technology transfer.
    Activity performed for the benefit of Principal, in cases when Principal wants to introduce of buy a new technology. Processing the Hungarian and/or foreign sections of technology transfer, negotiations, making contracts, performance of import and/or export connected with the transfer of technology, consulting and expertise necessary for the introduction of a new technology.
  8. Education ofr innovation and indutrial property.

    You have the possibility trough tenders or in after ways to involve Hungarian or foreign capital to finance the research and/or development in whole or partly, and to sell the product or technology produced as a result of research and/or development in Hungary or abroad.

Before starting cooperation Lakker would appreciate the following information:
- Principal’s name, address, phone and fax number, E-mail, contact person,
- short description of Principal’s activity and the subject of commission,
- in what Principal aced Lakker’s assistance,
- product information, prospectuses, etc. if available.

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