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Mobile wood-briquette machine (MWBM) English

Lakker Kft. (Ltd) Hungary/Szeged has launched a development aimed at processing wood waste generated anywhere for energy purposes. Wood waste as a raw material can be forestry, sawmill, woodworking, or energy plantations, etc. The final product is wood briquettes, which can be economically transported and stored at the point of use and/or sale. The development resulted in a patentable invention, but several inventions/patents are possible.

The invention of wood waste processing equipment (MWBM) is "a mobile container-sized device/factory" that can be delivered to and operated on site. MWBM processes wood waste from any chips with its own or external energy source, produces wood briquettes on site, regardless of moisture content.

We are looking for partners, users and investors for development and series production. Users are forestry and woodworking companies, energy plantations, enterprises, etc. The resulting equipment can be manufactured or sold in series.

According to market research so far, there is plenty of wood energy raw materials to use. A significant part of them is destroyed in forests and in woodworking companies. By using MWBM, energy plantations can be given more space. The use and sale of wood briquettes is solved (population, industry, power plants, etc.).

The mobile wood briquettter according to this invention is a new equipment. The pre-calculation of the MWBM development has been completed. The MWBM is made from existing units and components in the industry, only in a different way from the previous practice. An exact answer to performance, efficiency, payback can be obtained after the first stage of development.

Safety cabinet for high value objects (English)

We recommend the glass cabinet developed and produced by us to the attention of experts, museums, organizers of exhibitions and inquirers.

The glass cabinet is suitable for safe protection of art-works and high value objects (e.g. jewellery). It incorporates technical solutions that make stealing of the exhibited object impossible. The cabinet is manufactured with various levels of safety, from the most simple up to the safest design which is bullet- and explosion-proof.


The cabinet provides primarily the mechanical protection, taking advantage of the construction and the used materials. It can be implemented with electronic defence and alarm systems.

Size and shape

The glass cabinet can be manufactured in any size and design. The design, used materials and the colour is determined by the designer of exhibition, or the end user.


Low or high glazing

The glass cabinet is made with low (2/a) or high (2/b) glazing. For high glazing we recommend upper illuminator. (5)


One version of the glass cabinet (figure 2) can be used as an incubator. The air-conditioning unit installed in a basic glass cabinet, due to its special design, controls the area within the cabinet, ensuring an appropriate protection of the exhibited object.

Any design is available upon demand. Ask for a quotation. Upon order we manufacture ready-made glass cabinets, or we hand over/sell the technical documentation (know-how). Cooperation is distribution or production is also possible.


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